The A N N  W O L F F  F O U N D A T I O N was established as
a non-profit-foundation in Berlin, Germany, in 2008.

A donation of works by Ann Wolff formed the basis of the foundation.

Ann Wolff ́s work has grown since 1974 and consists of early bowls,
sculptures in metal, stone and glass, collages and panels in glass,
drawings, prints and paintings.

The main goal is to promote art and culture with a focus on glass.
Another, not less valuable, aspect is to enable contemporary artists
to experiment with the versatile nature of glass for their first time
and to incorporate it into their work. This is done by an art prize.

The foundation also takes the care and maintenance of works
by Ann Wolff.

The foundation's goals can better be achieved with donations.
To this end, supporters/patrons and sponsors are warmly invited
to offer the foundation their financial support.

The Board of Directors
Ann Wolff, Visby, Sweden

The Advisory Board
Dorothée Nilsson, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Birgit Möckel, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Eva-Maria Fahrner-Tutsek, Munich, Germany