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Galerie B

Ann Wolff
22 october 2016 - 22 march 2017

www.galerieb.de    "NEUES GLAS 04"

glass sculptures

Ridelius, Visby

sculptures & drawings
4-25 february 2017
22 October 2016 - 22 March 2017


glass sculptures

Toyama Glass Art Museum

a retrospective exhibition of Ann Wolff's work is planned for July 2017


glass sculpture


Ann Wolff shows 3 of her sculptures

Ann Wolff shows 3 of her sculptures in the Royal parc of Sollidens Castle on Öland, Sweden. From May to October 2016

Galleri Odvalds

Ann Wolff shows sculpture and pastel drawing with Bente B Hansen and Lena Cronqvist.

Ann shows sculpture and pastel drawings with Bente B Hansen and Lena Cronqvist.
Galleri Odvalds, Gotland, Sweden 23/07–14/08 2016


The documentary film about Ann Wolff's exhibition "Traps", that
took place on the little island Furillen, summer 2015.

Ann Wolff på Furillen

hela gotland logga

When Art is speaking by Mette Björnberg

When Art is speaking by Mette Björnberg

Mette and AnnMette and Ann in Ann Wolffs studio on Gotland

The artist Mette Björnberg from South Mellby in Österlen meets Ann Wolff.


new work in our collection: Partiton Glass
partiton glass

Christiane Fesers series Latente Konstrukte shows repetitive, multi-faceted geometric structures that repeat in a grid-like manner; rectangles and triangles that partially bulge out in relief, but on the whole remain contained within a rhythmic surface pattern. These works are based on paper models the artist alters through bending and folding and then photographs, whereupon she reworks the photographs in plastic manner and re-photographs them.

Jennie Olofsson

© Gotlands Tidningar Photo:Tommy Söderlund

New Assistant-work-award

Holger Walter, Maria Miesenberger and Christiane Feser are internationally known artists who have received the Ann Wolff Foundation Award.
This year the Fondation has created a new award, the Assistant-award.
The first person to receive this award is the 32-year old artist Jennie Olofsson from Gotland,  Sweden.

"I enjoy the sharing and I believe this will be an awarding cooperation for both Jennie and myself and I think I can be a useful instructor."
Ann Wolff, march 2015

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